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Oral Play

When hearing the word oral stimulation, we often associate it with a tongue only. I am not implying that a tongue or mouth is not a marvelous tool on its own, but there is so much more than just the flicking of a tongue and kissing. To day we explore other means of stimulation.

Keep some peppermint gum next to your bed. Pop a cube in your mouth before going down on him/her or rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Hot, peppermint flavoured breath stimulates the nerve endings and will have your partner begging for more. Switch things up; kiss your partner outside her panty or blow some hot minty air on his penis but remember no touching. The suspense, oh what a turn on.

Forgotten to take your toys with you when on holiday? Use the versatile ice cube for some spiced up foreplay. Gently rub it against her nipples or clitoris while licking up the melting ice. Hmmm. Place a cube in your mouth before taking him into your mouth. The alternating warm, hot sensation will make him come back for more.

Seduce him/her with your voice, tell your partner what you going to do to them. Combine long ice-cream style licks with full mouth sucking while looking him/her straight in the eyes. Let your eyes do the talking.

So many ways to play with your partner. Slowly work your way up from the feet, use only your tongue, no hands. The inner thigh is especially sensitive, the closer you get to the genital area, the more sensitive it is. Combine licking movements with rubbing and massaging. Or run your nails slowly and softly over your partners inner thighs. This action is highly arousing for both of you.

The tongue, hand combination is another winner. Use your mouth on her nipples and simultaneously stimulate her clitoris with you fingers. Flick your tongue over the tip of his penis while gently caressing, touching or massaging his balls. Want to rough it up a bit? Take him into your mouth and wrap you fingers around his lower shaft at the same time. Massage it up and down. Apply some lube or saliva for a smooth, slick experience.

Why stop at licking or sucking his penis? Push the penis towards his stomach. Lick the exposed ridge of the underside of his shaft from the base all the way to the penis head. This is one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s shaft.

Variety is king. Use different tongue movements when stimulating your male partner. Massage the head of the penis in a circular motion. Move the tongue in a circle around the penis head. The rough skin located behind a man’s testicles, the perineum is also extremely sensitive to touch. Press your tongue softly against for stimulation.

We also have advice for you if you are new to this or scared. Use a peeled banana to exercise taking a penis into your mouth. A banana is firm yet soft enough not to hurt your throat. Slowly and gently insert the peeled banana in your throat until it touches the back of your mouth. Hold it for a few minutes until you get use to the sensation. Try it a few times before trying it on your partner. He will however love you to bits. It is most certainly worth the effort. You may also want to try a flavoured lube to mitigate the fear of gagging or take away any unwanted tastes or smells.

In today’s day and age, you don’t need a partner to enjoy oral stimulation. Some of the latest adult toys on the market come pretty close to mimicking the feeling. Pulsating toys not only simulate suction actions, but you can also find toys mimicking the motion of the tongue such as the Ora-2. Nipple stimulation toys create nipple sucking actions similar to a tongue.

Many of men like oral stimulation as foreplay alone. Oral stimulation often creates sensations throughout a women’s body that enhances and increase sexual pleasure. Some women get more aroused from giving oral stimulation than from any other kind of foreplay.

Oral stimulation is a full body experience using all senses.

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