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Spice Up Your Valentines Day

So many difficult decisions to make this early in the year and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you looking for a change to the traditional red flower bouquet and chocolates for your dearest? How about splashing out on something new, something different that can be mutually enjoyed? Spice things up and treat your partner to a gift that is sure to put a smile on their face – yep, we are talking about sex toys.

Wanting to explore a bit of exhibitionism while keeping things outwardly prim and proper. Buy her a very discreet, vibrating, wearable panty with a remote control. Imagen the excitement and fun to be had in public with her wearing the vibrator to a 4-course dinner and you operating the remote. Sharing this filthy secret in public is the perfect build up to a perfect evening. Go slow with the massaging and tickling as she may want to jump you before making it through dinner.

If your partner does not like these wearable panty vibrators, buy her a remote-controlled egg for similar results and behavior. She will beg you for more. And you will oblige with a wicked smile all evening on your face. Not sure either of you will remember much about dinner with nothing but dirty thoughts on your minds!

Two can play this naughty game. Invest in a for unmeasurable fun and pleasure. Force him or her to wear it while out on the town. A candle lit meal and soft violin music will never be the same after this experience.

Shake up your love making routine with flavoured chocolate body paint that both can enjoy. Slowly create exotic art on your naked bodies with your hot finger tips. Enjoy viewing your masterpiece before licking off the chocolate with a hot steamy tongue bit by bit. Chocolate paint comes in different flavours with Valentine’s in mind: champagne and strawberry.

Create romantic moments with scented candles that melts into silky smooth massage oil. Blindfold him/her or tie him/her up, to up the game a notch. Slowly pour the warm, melted, massage oil on their naked body for a sensual and sexual exploration. The soy wax candles with a low melting temperature not only smell lovely but are infused with pheromones to entice a sexy and intense experience. Your partner will most certainly appreciate the pampering.

Let the game begin, roll the naughty dice. Act out every word or phrase it lands on and follow the instructions dictated. Lick, stroke and suck to your hearts content. So much more fun than a bouquet of flowers.

Love making will never be the same. Be different and start this Valentine’s Day with a new titillating experience. We all need a change every now and then. The time for change is now!!. Don t wait, act today.

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