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The Tale of the Love Egg

With Easter around the corner and lots of delicious chocolate eggs on display, lets spend some time on the tiny, nifty love egg. These egg-shaped, vibrating marvels with a string attached can easily be confused with Ben Wah balls.

The small, discrete nature of the egg vibrator lends itself to all sorts of fun, especially while out and about. The rounded, egg shape can be fully inserted into the vagina with the attached string allowing for easy removal. Some of the eggs are even designed to fit tightly against the vulva inside your panty for daily wear. Take a walk on the wild side, surrender control to you partner handing him/her the remote control to tease you across a crowded room. Your little secret, with nobody else the wiser.

This simple toy is perfect for introduction into a sexual relationship. Most guys will not feel intimidated by a tiny, innocent looking egg.

Eggs can be used in solo play or partner play, Enhance your pleasure with a few drops of stimulating gel. The gel makes your clitoral or nipples extra sensitive thus heightening your pleasure. The egg can also be used in combination with another toy. Use the egg for clitoral stimulation while massaging your G Spot with a vibrating dildo or G Spot vibrator. Have double the fun for a humongous, blended orgasm.

Eggs may be designed for the ladies but is also the perfect toy for teasing him. Stimulate his nipples or sensitive area behind the ears. Hold the vibrating egg against the tip of his penis or softly tease his balls. Glide the vibrator up and down his shaft for extra stimulation. He may just beg you for more.

Eggs are typically water proof and should thus be your partner for shower and bath fun. The discreet toy turns the pool and hot tub into truly pleasurable experience. Pop it in your bag next time when travelling. Security will not even notice it.

More adventurous and need a little bit fun and play? Slip it in anally. Don t forget to lube up with an organic anal based lube before attempting anal egg fun.

Every woman should have this toy in her toy collection. You may want to start off with a less expensive and less powerful, battery driven egg before transitioning to the more powerful USB rechargeable eggs. The difference is in the vibration intensity and duration. Most egg vibrators support multiple vibration modes and strengths. Some eggs come with a wireless remote control. The latest trend is however to control the egg remotely with a wireless app on your phone. Be prepared as the latter may however leave a hole in your pocket.

Buy your egg from the comfort of your home or office. Check your favourite sex toy website for a variety of eggs and instructions on how to use. WE always recommend that you use a water-based lube with your egg for a more slippery experience.

Tease her or him this Easter with a discreet love egg. Make this an Easter to remember.

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