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Winter Warmers


Winter is on our door step with chilly morning and evenings. I personally hate winter and the freezing cold. I love summer, sun and heat being a summer child. For me winter is leaving home when it is dark and returning when it is dark to a cold, uninviting place called home. Regardless of the high Eskom electricity bill and the large number of heaters, you just never really feel warm and comfortable. Some part of your body is always cold. Even the sun rays are depressed being dull and weak.

Winter does allow us to take advantage of the cold to heat up on all levels. Throw some wood into the fireplace to light a roaring fire. Relax on a warm blanket or duvet in front of the yellow flames with a glass of bubbly. The evening may turn out unexpectedly.

Decorate the room with a few candles to give the room a warm glow. Add scented soy candles for some extra fun. These soy, wax candles with a low melting temperature not only smell lovely but are infused with pheromones to entice a sexy and intense experience. Slowly pour the warm, melted oil over your blindfolded partner’s body for a sensual massage to turn up the heat. Some scents like ginger, orange and eucalyptus promotes the feeling of heat.

People that are cold crave warmness and closeness. Body heat is the best for warming up quickly. Bundle up in bed together and cuddling can not be beaten. Build a cozy igloo using the duvet and pillows before ramping up the foreplay. Take time while slowly exploring your partner to turn up the heat a few notches.

Nothing beat skin to skin sex positions in winter. Wrap your bodies tightly together in a comfortable and lazy, snuggly spoon or why not stick to the traditional missionary position for maximum skin contact. Cuddle up and fall asleep with his arms wrapped around you and tangled legs once you have exhausted yourself. No better feeling of contentment than this. Or how about basking in the afterglow while sipping hot chocolate or a glass of port. Winter is not called the cuffing season for nothing.

Scarves abound in winter time, always one within reach whether you in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Spice things up this winter with an ordinary scarf. Use it as a restraint, blindfold or even gag. Don t go to tight but lots of fun to have.

I hate wearing sock to bed but a 2013 study at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that women wearing socks more easily reach an orgasm than women going barefoot. Who would have thought that the lowly sock has such benefits? On with the socks this winter!

Winter is also perfect timing for trying temperature play. Ramp up the foreplay, sip some hot, peppermint tea before giving him/her an unforgettable blow job. Swoosh the tea around in your mouth before going down for a tingling sensation.

Invest today in a self-heating vibrator or dildo. These toys are equipped with a heat button to heat the shaft up to body temperature. It will leave you with a warm, happy glow begging for more.

Glass dildos and butt plugs are ideal for temperature play. Heat the toy in warm water for 10 minutes. The warm, smooth glass creates a warm, hard, slick sensation as it stimulates the bodies neuroreceptors. The activation of these receptors creates an intense response which in conjunction with the stimulation, becomes a sexual frenzy.

Winter brings with it an increase in skin dryness. Lube up even more than usual for a smooth, pleasurable experience. Your vagina will suck it up. Be careful when using lubricants with warming effects. The main ingredient of a warming lubricant is glycerol, a viscous sugar alcohol. Glycerol may result in irritation and encourages yeast infection. It is advisable to rather use a natural or organic warming lube that is vegan friendly and paraben and glycerine friendly.

Do away with the winter blues. Sexual activity is not only a form of exercise but will also make you day brighter!

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