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Glass dildos – The do’s and dont’s

Once you have held a sleek, luxurious, sparkling glass dildo in the palm of your hand, you will look no further. What is not to love about it? You cannot help but fall in love with the contours and light changing reflections of the crafted glass dildo. The smooth dildo has a solid, thick and sturdy feel in the hand.  The glass looks more like an ornament than a sex toy and can easily be left next to your bed as a decoration. No need to hide this glorious creation in a draw.

Some of you may however have your doubts in terms of safety despite the attractive look and feel. Glass dildos are made from durable and safe, medical-grade borosilicate glass. This is the same material used in Pyrex jugs and dishes and can safely be heated up in warm water or cooled in the fridge or freezer. These dildos are thus made to last forever. This is most certainly a long-term investment if you look carefully after it!

These dildos are typically hand made so each one is unique regardless of the design. If you are environmental conscious you will not think twice as the luxury dildo can be recycled. Another benefit is that the non-porous glass is hypoallergenic. It is thus the perfect toy for those of you who have allergies or intolerances to silicone, latex and soft plastic devices.

Using a glass dildo bring so much unexpected fun and sensations. The glass will take on your body heat when using it at room temperature. It also allows for great temperature play.  A cold glass dildo or butt plug results in intense muscle contractions thus intensifying your experience. Place the glass toy in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes or dunk it into cold water.

A hot butt plug or dildo dilates the blood vessels thus increasing the blood flow for totally different sexual pleasures. Leave the anal plug or dildo in hot water to heat it up. Always test the temperature before using it. The glass retains the temperature for long periods giving lots of time for sexual play and fun.

The glass toy is pool, shower or bedroom friendly. The slick and smooth toy with its tapered head allows for easy insertion. We do however recommend always using a few drops of lubes especially for anal play. Lube easily glides over the toy and last longer as it is not absorbed by the toy. Apply a few drops of your favourite water based or silicone lube for a more pleasurable experience.

Cleaning has never been easier. Rinse the plug or dildo under water before cleaning it in soapy hot water. Rinse under water to remove any soap residue. Leave to air dry before storing in a save location. The glass toy can also be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

Most designs whether curved, bumped or beaded create a hard, slick sensation and hit the right spots. Most designs have a shaped base making it suitable for both anal and vaginal play. Twist it slowly once inserted or rock back and forth for enhanced stimulation. It will produce gentle, sexual stimulation against the vaginal walls or anal canal heating you up like never before.

Need some variety? Slip a penis sleeve over the smooth glass dildo for a different sexual experience. Never a dull day with a glass dildo.

Like it slightly rough? Then this is the only toy for you!!!

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