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Edging for a better Orgasm

Have better Sex with Edging

Having boring orgasms is great and all but what if I told you that I could guarantee you the best orgasm of your ethereal life?
Got your attention now huh… lets sexplore this little bedroom tactic commonly referred to as “Edging”.

{What is it}

If you have ever been in one of those awkward long distance relationships then perhaps you have a vague idea of what Edging is, you know you want them so bad. You can feel nothing but unsaturated burning desire, that extreme heat, that thirst, yet you just can’t, for whatever reason, you’re holding out and waiting for the real thing, you want to so badly but you just cannot. You tease yourself and play softly, somehow convincing yourself that a little release is not that bad so you start and just as you are about to bask in the delight, you stop, your breath now rapid, slows, and you let out a deep sigh, slightly frustrated yet a little relieved. That, my lovelies, is Edging! Masturbating to the edge of satisfaction and then stopping, and you know what, when you finally get that little piece of heaven, it’s the best experience you have ever had!

Kungani Isebenza?
{Why does it feel good}

Remember that hot, and I mean HOT scorching day when you have been baking in it, and then do you recall how that ice-cold coke tastes when you finally get it? — That’s what I’m talking about baby!
Although its not all mental according to Courtney Clemen founder of the V club, Clemen goes on to explain that just as men get erections, so do women. Upon edging one self, the pelvic area floods with blood from stimulation of the nerve endings, that blood lingers, only enticing the nerve endings for longer, thus stewing the orgasm pot.

{Try it on yourself}

Of course! In fact trying edging on yourself is highly recommended! How else would you know what you like and don’t like before introducing it to your partner for dual play, — oh yes my darlings, it gets even more intense with your partner, more of that later…

For now, try not to fall into the same rhythmic movement, try to vary it, speed it up or slow it down, try circles or infinity signs, maybe change the pace in between, who knows, the possibilities are endless, so go ahead an experiment, you’ll thank yourself for it later, I promise, but remember, the name of the game is Edging…

Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT orgasm, instead pull away right before you’re about to, and then go something else, fulfill another task in your day and then have at it again, the more you build, the more intense the orgasm

Umlingani Wakho?
{Your Partner}

Yes, this is where your partner is introduced, and step one is to communicate with him or her.
The last thing you want is to confuse them about why you keep stopping and then starting to believe that it is something to do with them. Trust is important, “be open about your desire to edge, it is a hot steamy practice that couples love to enjoy” says Clemen.

Clemen also suggests techniques to cool your partner off, such as playfully pushing your partner aside when you can feel that either of you are about to orgasm, try turning the attention on them.
Another technique is to pull attention away from sensitive areas, such as neck and other erogenous zones, establish the boundaries beforehand and then enjoy it as it progresses.


If we are talking about Techniques now my lovelies, you know there really is no right or wrong, the possibilities are absolutely endless, it’s all about what you and only you, prefer. The rules are simple, try the ‘Red Light’, ‘Green light’ approach. Very simple, as you are about to orgasm, just on the brink is category “Red light”, immediately stop touching, and allow the sexual tension to dissipate, before playing again –which is category “green light”.

Another technique is to introduce some toys with the play, try out these, and remember it’s easier to just turn off the toy than your libido…

You may also want to introduce yellow light once you have some experience. Yellow light is allowing you to divert sexual attention during Red Light, to other areas, thus maintaining some sexual energy.

Some no-no’s – Don’t rush it, it’s all about sexploration and love. Be attentive to your partner as well, remember pleasure is more rewarding when shared.

If we are talking time, again, it could be 2 minutes for you, or 45 minutes, timing is a turn off, if we can all agree? So Don’t time it, try introducing it to your partner as a sexploration game, and the name — Experience Pleasure.

Now that you have the right information, try introduce some of these toys to assist in that sexploration game:


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